Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Storing Scraps

Ah, scraps.  Love them or hate them, they're inevitable.

You know how when you make a pattern that uses charm packs or jelly rolls you inevitably have a leftover charm or two or maybe just the ends of a a few of those jelly rolls?  Or you have several inches of binding leftover from a project?  Let me show you what I do with those.

Storing fabric scraps by size

These are the leftover bits from a project I just finished.  I set aside all of the scraps that were 2.5” wide.  When the project was done and I was cleaning up, I took a moment to cut them all down to be 2.5” square and then tossed them in this bin. 

(Any scrap that is 2.5” wide and more than 16” long gets set aside in a different spot – these are great to use in scrappy trip quilts!)

storing small fabric scraps by size

This is my 2.5” bin.  I keep most of my other scraps organized by color, but everything 2.5” square goes into this bin.  These are great for small sewing projects- like the needle book I made this past weekend. It was so handy to just pull out this one bin and dig through it to find what I needed for that patchwork backing!

Maybe someday I will make a quilt made from just these 2.5” squares.  Maybe a scrappy nine-patch.  Until then, I keep the bin stocked and I dip into it when I need little scraps.


  1. They will surely come in handy. I also have a bin of these.

  2. Don't they accumulate fast? I nearly have to jump in my bins to get them back on the shelf...


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