Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thankful for Doors

Juki TL-2010Q

I love that my sewing room as a door on it.  A locking door.  I haven’t always had a room to myself.  One with a door. 

Sometimes I use the door for heating purposes.  In the wintertime I know I can close my door and turn on the iron and within 10 minutes or so my room is toasty warm and ready for working.

A Bright Corner's sewing room

My sewing room door also has a trusty lock.  On occasion Santa has had to hide a few things here and there.  And during the rest of the year I sometimes hide other goodies in my room.  For instance, right now I have a stash of those delicious mini Cadbury Creme Eggs that only appear one special time each year.  Shhh! Don’t tell my boys!

Vintage Verona trimmings

And sometimes I love my sewing room door because I can be in the middle of a project, walk away and close the door.  And I know that my project will stay just as it is for days and days if need be.

Vintage Verona quilt blocks

Then there’s days that I have to  lock myself in my room so that I can get my work done!  That was what had to happen a couple of evenings this week. But I had an amazingly productive week!  I’ll see you on Monday when I’ll be sharing a new quilt and a free pattern.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and thanks for being such great readers!


  1. I know just what you mean! My sewing room has a locking door as well. The best part is not having to tidy it up at all at the end of the sewing day. Can't wait to see your new quilt and look forward to your free pattern :)

  2. I love my locking door, too. And I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with a hidden chocolate stash.

  3. Ah, one can only dream.....I'm a dining room quilter, which, with a little toddler boy around, makes me dream of the day I can have a room with a the mean time though, it's nice to be part of where the action is and sew at the same time....

  4. I totally here you on this one!!! I love to close my sewing room door for all these same reasons. It's a great little hideaway and I love that it feels all warm and cozy too.

  5. I admire you if you can stay alone in a locked room with Cadberry eggs. That requires more willpower than I possess.

  6. I am in envy of your door. I sew in our dining room, and it stinks having to put everything back into storage when I'm not working on something. One day I will have a door haha

  7. Do you hide the creme eggs in there away from the children? Or to sneak them for yourself so you don't have to share? Haha.


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