Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That Time of Year (Wednesday's Color Card)

Each May I get the urge to pick every lilac I see, and find a parade to watch. 

Lilacs in May 2

I grew up in Spokane, Washington and each May the city holds a Lilac Festival.  There are lilacs blooming everywhere.  The festival royalty is chosen.  Around town you can hear the Jr High and High School marching bands rehearsing for the parades.  All along the parade route, the downtown intersections are each painted with enormous images of lilacs.  Then there is the parade.  It’s an evening parade – The Torchlight Parade.  Very cool.  I think all parades should be at night.  Does someone (ahem…mom) want to buy me a plane ticket to Spokane so I can see the parade this year??


  1. Let me check the wallet....Oh dear....looks like its a no. Great colour card though =D

  2. This is my favorite color combination.. from my bath towels to my clothes... LOVE IT!


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