Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Spy

Several weeks ago I was in one of my local quilt shops (not one that I visit regularly) and I happened to see this

zoo dwellers version

It looked so familiar and then it dawned on me – it was made using my Zoo Dwellers tutorial!  I was first delighted and then a bit embarrassed to think that it took me so long to recognize one of my own designs.  The shop (American Quilting) was selling kits and they might still have one or two.  If you are interested give them a call.  I believe they are able to take payment by phone and ship your order to you.

Here is the original Zoo Dwellers quilt:

zoo dwellers on grass 1

zoo dwellers full

…and a twin size version I made for my nephew Charlie (first blogged here.)

charlie 1


  1. Andy,

    I bet that was a cool feeling to know that a quilt store, liked your pattern so much that it put kits together.

    That's awesome!

  2. How great that they used your tutorial to make it and have it hanging up in the shop!
    Toooo funny that you didn't realise it was your pattern! =D


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