Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October's Bee Blocks

This one was for Bee Crazy.  She sent the fabrics and the specific block pattern she wanted us to use.  At first I was a little worried because it looked so intricate, but she had done all of the cutting for us and the pattern was really easy to follow.

 These little houses were for my Bee Pieceful online bee (where do they come up with these names anyway?)  Sweetteamom sent scraps of her favorite fabrics and asked for houses of any kind.  I have seen house quilts all over flickr but they never appealed to me.  I had read other people comment that these little houses were addicting to create and now I agree.  Once I figured out the first little house the other two were really fun to make.  [want to see more little houses?  There's a whole flickr group dedicated to them.  Who knew?]

These four blocks were for my Sew Bee It group.  Rebecca wanted some wonky square-in-square blocks.  This style has quickly become my favorite to create.  I love these colors together.  I can't get enough of grey lately.  It goes with everything.

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