Saturday, July 27, 2013

Posh Pumpkins charm pack project

Hooray for the weekend!  Today I had couple of hours to get some sewing done so I pulled out this stack of fabric from the Posh Pumpkins line.

posh pumpkins fabric

This is for a shop sample for the LQS I work for.  The pattern is called Peak Color and it sure is a quick little project!  Within about 90 minutes I had the top done.

peak color pattern

Right now it measures about 27” x 29”.  In a few days I’ll be able to get the quilting done on it.  Gotta love quick projects!  I’m also always on the hunt for new ways to use precuts.  I love how Sandy uses the charm pack in this pattern.  I even have 13 charm squares leftover.  That’s plenty for a mug rug or a small table topper.  Or maybe a pillow. 

Posh Pumpkins project

Looking for some Posh Pumpkins?  Precuts can be found here at 1choice4quilting.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Table Topper

Remember that family reunion I wrote about a couple of days ago?  Well at the reunion there was a  family store and auction to raise money for the next reunion.  One of the women (my second cousin I think) is a quilter and brought a few of these fantastic hand-quilted table toppers to add to the family store.  I bought this one immediately! 

Hexagon Table Topper

I love the hand quilting she did.  Isn't it fantastic?  This is a fairly small topper – fits perfectly on my teal bookcase.  So far none of the boys in my household have noticed that it has some pink in it.  Let’s see how long it takes them to say something. 

Hexagon Table Topper

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Traveling and Re-Stashing

A few weeks ago we had a family reunion in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.  Have you been there?  Our reunion was right on the river and there was full of plenty of food, fun and stories.  Lots and lots of interesting stories!
We come from a long line of farmers and ranchers so when they set up activities for the little ones what else would they have but cattle ropin’ (hay bale style!) 

cattle ropin hay bale style!

This was a fairly large reunion, going back several generations starting with my great, great grandpa so there were plenty of stories to tell!

family reunion

In the hot afternoons we played in the river!  In several places there were hot springs that flowed right into the river and the big thing to do in town was to float down the river on tubes.  Our kids were happy just to play in the shallows and leave the river floating to others.  It sure looked fun though!  We hope to go back in a year or two when the kidlets are a bit older so we can do the river float too.

Lava Hot Springs river floating

On our way home from the reunion we stopped for a day at Bear Lake UT.  Such a pretty place!  This was taken from my car window as we drove away, but we really did stop to enjoy the lake.  And yes, it really is that blue!

Bear Lake Utah

After Bear Lake it was on to Logan UT where I absolutely had to stop at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe.  I had met the shop owner and her sister at Quilt Market (delightful people!) and I’ve heard such great things about the shop.  It did not disappoint! 

My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe

The photo doesn’t do the shop justice – but I was too busy shopping to take any other pics.  I was pretty reserved in my shopping – just grabbed these two:

charm packs

…and a few FQ for some re-stashing:

stash building

I think it’s so fun to visit other people’s LQS (local quilt shops).  I think each one has it's own personality - especially the ones in smaller towns.  So here's my question:  If I came to your town, what would be the one shop you would recommend I stop by? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Cute to Spook

Too Cute to Spook fabric from Riley Blake

This afternoon I was working with this stack of cute Halloween fabrics.  They’re mostly from the Too Cute to Spook line from Riley Blake.  This project will eventually be a shop sample for the shop I work for but by the end of today it looked like this:

too cute to spook quilt

It’s a good start!  The backing will be green minky and I’m already a little panicky about what color I’ll use to quilt it.  Black?  I’m worried it might show on the backing.  Gray?  Does it stand out too much against all the black?  These are the silly things that a quilter’s nightmares are made of. 

As a side note, I had to take the photos above with my phone because this happened this past weekend:

Scratched camera lens

See that big ol’ scratch?  Ouch.  We were walking around being tourists in Manti UT this weekend, I had my camera slung over one shoulder, and I walked just a bit too close to a stone wall.  I was just sick about it for the rest of our trip.  We stopped by a local photography shop tonight and I was able to replace it for a lot less than I expected.  I also bought a UV filter for both of my lenses.  Now if I get a scratch, I replace the filter for $10 instead of replacing the lens (way more than $10).  Lesson learned!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flirty Charms

This is another quilt that was finished a few months ago but never appeared here on the blog.  I started with a couple of Flirt charm packs and a bunch of Kona Snow and this was the result:

Charm quilt idea from A Bright Corner

I shuffled all of the charms, stacked three or four together and cut them like this:

charm cutting diagram

I then sewed two halves together using two different prints and making sure two reds were not together, two blues not together, etc.  These got sewn into long strips.  Is this making any sense?

I alternated the strips with long strips of Kona Snow, and the width of the Kona Snow strips are all different.  

quilt binding 

When I started quilting this I began with kind of a loopy meandering with a few “loose” hearts mixed in.  But my always helpful boys decided that the “loose” hearts looked more like little bums.  So I made sure to keep my hearts looking more like real hearts. 

charm quilt

The finished quilt measures 53" x 60"

Monday, July 1, 2013

New England Quilt Block tutorial

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m sharing a block tutorial today.  It’s my turn again in the Imagine at do.Good Stitches bee and I’ve chosen the New England block.  I guess technically this is a variation of the block.  In another book I have this block is called a Greek Cross.  The whole block naming thing gets confusing, doesn’t it?  I’m going to stick with the “New England block”  just to keep things simple. 

I wrote this tutorial in a way that makes a scrappy block.  This is a great way to use up some smaller scraps.  Pull out those 3” and 3.5” pieces and use them up!  This will also make enough half square triangles (HSTs) for two scrappy blocks.  To make just enough HSTs for just one block then you will only need one 3.5” square of each color.  Your block will be less scrappy looking.  Ok- Here we go!

free quilt block tutorial: scrappy New England block

New England quilt block
For this 12.5” x 12.5” block you’ll need:

2 of each color @ 3.5” square (8 total)
1 of each color @ 3” square (4 total)
8 @ 3.5” white squares
4 @ 3” white squares
2 @ 2.5” x 5.5” green strips
1 @ 2.5” x 12.5” green strip

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 1

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 2 

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 3

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 4

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 5

scrappy New England block tutorial

(Set aside half of the HSTs to use on the second block)

Step 6

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 7

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 8

scrappy New England block tutorial

Step 9

scrappy New England block tutorial

There you have it!  One 12.5" x 12.5" New England block.  If you make a New England block I'd love to see it!  And if you're on flickr be sure to add it to the Sewing with A Bright Corner flickr group.

quilt block tutorial - a scrappy New England block

edited to add:  To see a completed quilt using this quilt block, click here.

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